Wholesale Florist in London

We, Sheya Flowers are wholesale florist in London catering to all your bouquet and other flowering needs. We deal in cut flowers as well as beautiful customised handmade bouquets. We are the biggest wholesale florist supplies who provide freshly cultivated flowers from Holland, at an affordable pricing.

How Can You Benefit From Fresh Flower Business?

Cost Free Start-up

We provide you with a flower display stand along with a flower board, buckets and trays at no charge at all. You can easily display items in your retail shop for viewers to see. The customers can easily choose from the wide display of bouquets and cut flowers in London. We deliver the goods (fresh flower bouquets and pot plants) at your sites and will leave you a delivery note.

Payment Ease

We will never trouble you with payment clearance at the time of delivery. We provide you with credit stock and charge you only after the sale proceedings.

Sale or Return

We do not charge you for unsold items and take them back. No other wholesale florist in London would provide you with such facilities. You receive a pre- agreed margin on all the products sold by your retail shop.

Recurring Innovations

Needless to say we keep replenishing your display rack with new stocks of Fresh Flowers. Flowers are perishable items and needs proper maintenance and we guide you with adequate ways to keep your stock fresh for a longer period of time. Our continuous innovation of newer bouquet design will excite your customers and your shop will experience a never before footfall!

Why Choose Us?

  • We supply garden fresh flowers from Holland
  • We are fairly priced so that you can make maximum from your business.
  • Our wide variety of stock gives you plenty of options to choose from. From fresh flowers, to potted plants, to handmade bouquets, you have endless options.
  • We replenish your stock from time to time.
  • We make all the necessary arrangements for you (display rack, trays, flower boards and other things) and do not charge a penny for it!
  • We work on sale or return basis. You only pay us what you sell and return us the unsold stock!
  • We provide you supplies on credit. That means you do not need to make any advance payment. You clear our dues only after your sale proceedings.
  • Our impressive clientele (MRH, Rontec, MFG to name a few) speaks volume of our market reputation.

As a wholesale florist supplier in London, we know the market needs and do provide you with adequate facility to take your retail flower business to new high. Try us to believe in us! Call us today on 07583116814 / 07921435229 to place an order!!

Happy Customers

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