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Get Cut Flower Supplies in London at a Reasonable Cost

October 03, 2019
Get Cut Flower Supplies in London at a Reasonable Cost

Cut flowers are referred to flowers or flower buds that have been cut from the parent plant for decoration and other needs. These flowers are cultivated for economical selling and are harvested according to the suitable climate and time. These may be grown in the domestic garden or may develop in the wild. These are used for decoration, bouquet making, wreath making, and making garlands.


If you are a florist in London, then you need flower supplies to meet various sales needs. These cut flowers are used for:

  • Flower vase decoration
  • For worshipping
  • You can even use them for hair styling
  • Garland making
  • Decoration of any venue or space
  • Bouquet decoration
  • Wreath making for funerals

Durability of Cut Flowers

Cut flowers are not long-lasting items and so are grown locally. This reduces transportation time loss. When cutting down from the plants, they continue to grow gradually but not for a longer duration. These cut flowers are continuously sprayed with water sprinkles to keep them fresh for a longer time. The time between the harvesting and actual consumption is tried to lessen as much as possible.

How to Make Your Cut Flowers Last Longer?

Once harvested from the parent plant, they must be kept properly to make them last longer. Here are tips to keep them fresher for a considerable period of time:

  1. Place the stem of the flowers in large clean containers that have been sterilised properly.
  2. The water must be bacteria-free and to ensure this, treat the water with some bleach.
  3. The temperature of the water must be around 40-45 degrees. Warm water is more quickly absorbed by the stems and replace water loss quickly and avoid drying of flowers.
  4. The fallen leaves and other dust materials should be removed from the water surface at the quickest possible time. It helps to eradicate the contamination of water.
  5. The most crucial step that should be done without fail is to change the water daily.
  6. Place your flower vase away from harsh sunlight.
  7. The submerging stem should be cut at a tilted angle to provide maximum surface area for water absorption.
  8. You can add flower food to your vase to add nutrients to your cut flowers.

Cut Flowers- a Promising Trade

With the growing consumption of floral supplies, the cut flower business has grown manifolds in the UK. It stands almost equivalent to the sale of music! Cut flowers give you a promising career option, and you can count on substantial revenue figures with this simple trade.

Procuring Cut Flower Supplies in London

If you are a retail florist shop owner and need a continuous supply of cut flowers, then Sheya Flowers is your one-stop whole-seller. They offer a bulk quantity of garden-fresh supplies at a reasonable price. They obtain their flowers and other floral supplies from Holland. Sheya Flowers also deals with the handmade bouquet, potted plants, fresh flowers, and other floral items. Contact them today to get cost-friendly fresh supplies for your retail shop.

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